Agenda 29th November 2016

Weston Beggard Parish Council
29th November 2016


You are summoned to Ordinary Meeting No WBPC/MW/006 of the Parish Council,which will be held in YARKHILL VILLAGE HALL on Tuesday 29th November 2016

Meeting to commence at 7.00pm and be concluded by 9.00pm


1.0 Apologies for Absence
To receive and accept any apologies

2.0 Minutes of the previous meeting
To sign as a true record the Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting WBPC/HALC/005 held on Tuesday 13th September 2016

3.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
To receive any declarations of interest in agenda items or written applications for dispensation

4.0 Appointment of a Clerk
To provisionally appoint Mr. Malcolm Walker as Clerk & RFO to the Parish Council (Subject to Contract)

5.0 Public Question Time
A 10 minute period is to be allocated if required to facilitate any member of the public
to address the assembled Parish Councillors

6.0 Financial Report
6.1 Confirmation of Bank Balances

6.2 Receipts-
Confirmation of Herefordshire Council Precept Part 2 £750.00

6.3 To consider for approval Invoices for Payment
Information Commissioner’s Office Data Protection 06/12/2016-05/12/2017 £35.00
Clerk Salary and Expenses up to 30th November 2016 £TBA
Refunding remainder of NDP Grant £1,252.13

6.4 Confirmation of HMR&C “Gateway” registration for PAYE

6.5 Confirmation of Declaration to The Pensions Regulator for Clerk

6.6 To consider response to “Allowances Scheme for Parish Councillors” communication received

6.7 Bank & Investment Mandate update
(Clerk to be named contact on Both Accounts to receive statements and to have view only electronic access)

6.8 To agree budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year and to set Precept for the same period

7.0 To Receive Report from:-
Ward Councillor Mr Jonathan Lester

8.0 Neighbourhood Plan – Successful Referendum
To receive an update consider any action required following the Referendum held on the 3rd November 2016

9.0 Information Sheet
Update of correspondence received (for information only)

Subject to Council resolution Item 10 may be held in closed session
10.0 Employment Issues
To agree content and sign a Contract of Employment for the Clerk & RFO

11.0 Agenda of Next Meeting
To receive requests for items to be on the Agenda of the next meeting

12.0 Date, Time and Venue of 2017 Meetings
M Walker
Malcolm Walker