Minutes 17th February 2015

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 17th February 2015 at Yarkhill Village Hall

  1. Present:

David Probert (DP) (Chair), Tony Walsh (TW), Roger Barnett (RB), Richard Williams (RW)

  1. Apologies:

John Hardwick

  1. Declarations of Interest:


  1. Minutes of last meeting:

Approved and signed

  1. Matters arising from the minutes
  • War Memorial

Nothing to report except that when approval is received for moving the memorial to the Churchyard, the costs of removal will require funding.

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan

RW gave an update on the NDP. There had been an encouraging response to the parish questionnaire but a rather disappointing turnout for the “drop-in” event. However, a clear view of the wishes of the parishioners for the future of the parish has emerged. Andy Taylor and RW on behalf of the steering group had discussed the vision for the parish and Andy Taylor had drawn up a draft vision and objectives. It was agreed that these would be circulated to the Steering Group and the Parish Council. The refinement of the draft vision and objectives would form the main part of the agenda for the steering group at the next meeting on March 19th 2015.

The issue of using a planning consultant was again discussed. RW advised that the steering group had unanimously supported the use of a planning consultant provided that funding could be secured. The bids for the next round of funding from Locality opens in April and we are in a strong position to apply for this. The total grant available is £8000 but Locality are indicating that bids should be submitted in tranches. The parish council agreed that we should engage a suitable consultant but that our bid for the first tranche should be for no greater than £1500 and also that we should get a detailed quotation from a planning consultant. RW agreed to submit a bid for funding, to obtain a detailed quotation and to keep the parish council informed. Members of the parish council thanked RW for his work on this.


  • Parish Councillor Vacancy

All the necessary procedures had been undertaken with regard to the parish councillor vacancy. DP suggested that Steve Harris of the Tineings may be interested and agreed to approach him.


  • Meeting with Steve Churchill (Balfour Beatty)

RB reported on the parish walk which took place in December 2014 with John Hardwick and Steve Churchill. It was indicated that we should receive a report from Balfour Beatty but that none had been received. Since the walk Steve Churchill has moved on and Shane Hancocks has replaced him. RB has agreed to chase up.

Also, Balfour Beatty has arranged a briefing session for parish councillors in the evenings of 17th and 19th march 2015. RB and TW will attend and it was agreed that RB would contact Balfour Beatty to advise them of this.


  • Parish Clerk Vacancy

DP advised that the 2 people he had approached were unavailable but that he had another local person in mind and had agreed to pursue this. It was agreed that if this was unsuccessful that we would advertise the post on the parish notice board, the parish magazine and through HALC. RW agreed to arrange the advertisements should the first option fail.


It was further agreed that DP should send a letter of thanks to Nicky Evans on behalf of the parish council, together with a small gift.


  1. Finance

TW presented accounts with an income and expenditure statement and proposed budget. It was highlighted that the £1300 precept and £200 grass cutting allowance had not yet been confirmed by Herefordshire Council.

In the absence of a parish clerk, there was doubt about how much we owe for hire of Yarkhill Village hall and RW agreed to find out and let TW know such that he can send payment.

DP agreed to contact Nicky Evans to ensure application for the precept has been submitted and to establish whether any confirmation received.


It was noted that the parish council will be responsible for removal costs of the war memorial (once permission to go ahead has been received from the diocese).

  1. Any Other Business

Councillors are reminded that application and conflict of interest forms will need to be submitted to Herefordshire Council by 9th April. These have been sent to councillors by post in the past. It is the responsibility of individual councillors to ensure these are submitted



DP offered to contact Nicky Evans about the provision of an extra parish council notice board to be sited near Weston Beggard church.


It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to John Hardwick for his help as Ward Councillor.


  1. Next meeting

Annual Parish Meeting 12th May  at 7.30pm Yarkhill Village Hall