Minutes Annual Meeting 10th May 2016

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Weston Beggard Parish Council
held in Yarkhill Village Hall on Tuesday 10th May 2016

Councillors Present
Councillor Mr Richard Williams
Councillor Mr Roger Barnett
Councillor Mr Keith Bayliss
Councillor Mr Tony Walsh

HALC Clerk Mr Malcolm Walker

Also Present
One member of the public

1.0 Election of Chairman & Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr Richard Williams having been nominated unopposed was unanimously elected to the post of Chairman for the year 2016-2017 and duly signed the appropriate Acceptance of Office Form
Proposed by Councillor Mr Tony Walsh and
Seconded by Councillor Mr Keith Bayliss

The Parish Council wished to thank Councillor Mr David Probert for all his time, input and efforts as Chairman of the Parish Council, which was very much appreciated.

The post of Vice – Chairman was left vacant

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened
by Councillor Mr Richard Williams Chairman at 7.20pm

2.0 Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Mr David Probert,
Ward Councillor Mr Jonathan Lester (due to family emergency),
Bromyard Locality Steward for Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) Ms Cathy Berkeley and
PC Sarah Cullen representative from the Local Police Team
{The Police would only attend if issues arose and they were specifically asked}

3.0 Minutes of Previous Meeting
To receive, approve and sign the Minutes WBPC/HALC/003 as a true record of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 5th April 2016. Unanimously confirmed as a true record with one amendment “leaving a balance of £1,200.00 for future expenses with any remaining money being returned” Item 9 and signed by Councillor Mr Richard Williams Chairman

4.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
4.1 To receive any declarations of interest in agenda items from Councillors
No Declarations of Interests were made

4.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
No Written Applications were received

All members present reviewed their Notice of Registrable Interests Forms
and no amendments were needed

5.0 Financial Report
The Parish Council again thanked Councillor Mr Tony Walsh for all his work and diligence in
preparing the 2015-2016 Accounts, his efforts were much appreciated.

5.1 The Annual Governance Statement “Section 1” was formally completed by the Parish Council

5.2 The Parish Council Resolved Unanimously to ratify the 2015-2016 accounts as presented

5.3 The Chairman signed the Annual Audit Return “Section 2” as did the Clerk / RFO

5.4i Bank Balances as per statement Current Account No 142 signed by the Chairman
@ 29th April 2016 Treasurers Account £4,526.16

5.4ii Receipts
Transparency Grant awarded by NALC – HALC cheque £2,026.00
{Clerk instructed to purchase laptop and printer using private credit card
and the Parish Council would reimburse at the next full Parish Council meeting}
Herefordshire Council Precept 1st part 15th April 2016 by BACS £750.00
HM Customs and Excise VAT refund by BACS still awaited £195.42

5.4iii Invoices for Payment
Mrs J Cole Internal Auditor WBPC 10/05/16 £25.00
Cheque 000297
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) Invoice 6299 £13.68
Copying Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
Cheque 000298 {joint cheque}
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) Invoice 8008 £370.80
Meeting Clerk Cover 5th April 2016 and 10th May 2016
Cheque 000298 {joint cheque}
EyelidProductions Ltd Invoice 1769 Website set up + training and support £500.00
Cheque 000299
Website www.westonbeggardpc.org
{Dates to be obtained for training}

All payments were Unanimously Approved

5.5 Some issues from the Internal Auditor’s Report for 2015-2016 required action from the Parish
Council, which were being addressed

5.6 The scope of the Internal Audit for 2016-2017 was agreed and the Internal Audit Plan
signed by the Chairman Councillor Mr Richard Williams

5.7 The Parish Council confirmed (in principal) the re-appointment of Mrs. J. Cole as their Internal
Auditor for 2016 – 2017

5.8 The Parish Council considered the Nat West Bank Mandate and resolved that new signatories needed to be added.
Action by all Parish Councillors

The NS&I Account would be dealt with by the Clerk

6.0 Nomination of Delegates
Northern Area Meeting (NAM) dates to be sent to all Parish Councillors

No delegate required for Yarkhill Village Hall

7.0 To received reports from:-
7.1 Ward Councillor Mr Jonathan Lester not present due to family emergency and no report available

7.2 Bromyard Locality Steward Ms Cathy Berkeley not present but report emailed to all Parish Councillors

7.3 Police report not available

8.0 Public Question Time
A 10 minute period is to be allocated if required to facilitate any member of the public to address the
Parish Council
No matters raised

9.0 Schedule / Policies and Register Updates
9.1 The Parish Council unanimously ratified their Risk Schedule

9.2 The Parish Council unanimously agreed to ratify their updated Asset Register at the next full Parish Council meeting. Assets to include:-
War Memorial (check insurance)
Bus Shelter opposite Shucknall Spout
Notice Board
Laptop and Printer

Clerk to contact Councillor Mr David Probert reference War Memorial

9.3 The Parish Council unanimously ratified their Publication Scheme

10.0 Footpath Issues
Footpath issues to be put on hold
Information to be obtained

11.0 Information Sheet (for information only)
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Neighbourhood Development Plan Update
Weston Beggard Parish Council applied to designate a neighbourhood area on 14th July 2014
Date designated: 29th August 2014
Parish included within the neighbourhood area Weston Beggard
The Neighbourhood Development Plan is at Regulation 16 stage
Dates of each stage
Designation date: 29th August 2014
Regulation 14 draft plan submitted: 4th December 2015
Weston Beggard Parish Council submitted their draft Neighbourhood Development Plan to Herefordshire Council on 4th December 2015
The consultation ran from 14th December 2015 to 31st January 2016
Regulation 16 plan submitted: 8th March 2016
Regulation 16 plan stage
Weston Beggard Parish Council submitted their Neighbourhood Development Plan to Herefordshire Council on 8th March 2016
The consultation ran from 16th March 2016 to 2nd April 2016
Next stage – Plan to be sent for examination
Followed by referendum – date of referendum to be announced
{Photographs from Councillor Mr Richard Williams Chairman}

6th May 2016 Email received from PC2546 Sarah Cullen reference attending meetings
Emailed to all Parish Councillors 06/05/2016