Minutes Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 26th May 2015

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 7.00pm Yarkhill Village Hall

Present: David Probert, Tony Walsh, Roger Barnett, Richard Williams, Keith Bayliss

  1. Election of Chair

David Probert was nominated by Tony Walsh, seconded by Roger Barnett and unanimously elected as Chair.

  1. Nomination of Officers

Finance Officer

Tony Walsh was nominated by Roger Barnett, seconded by David Probert and unanimously elected as finance officer.

  1. Co-option of new councillor

Keith Bayliss was co-opted onto the vacant councillor post. He was formally welcomed by the Chair and other councillors.

  1. Adoption of Annual Accounts

Tony Walsh presented the annual accounts. Richard Williams proposed that they be accepted, seconded by Keith Bayliss.

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Declarations of Interest


  1. Date of next meeting