Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 12th May 2015

Annual Parish Meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 12th May 2015 at Yarkhill Village Hall

  1. Present:

David Probert (DP) (Chair), Tony Walsh (TW), Roger Barnett (RB), Richard Williams (RW)

  1. Apologies:

Cllr Jonathan Lester (Ward Councillor)

  1. Declarations of Interest:


  1. Minutes of last meeting:

Approved and signed

  1. Matters arising from the minutes


  1. Neighbourhood Development Plan

RW gave an update on the NDP. The grant of £2305 has been awarded and work has begun with Claire Rawlings, Planning Consultant. Details of the progress of the plan have been circulated separately and it is anticipated that the plan will be at regulation 14 stage (pre-submission stage) before the deadline of the end of October 2015. It was agreed that TW, as treasurer, would keep separate accounts for the NDP. Claire Rawlings had submitted her Terms & Conditions and it was felt that paragraph 2 should be amended to “Claire Rawlings to work to a delegate approved by the Parish Council, currently Richard Williams, unless otherwise instructed.


  1. Parish Councillor Vacancy

All the necessary procedures had been undertaken with regard to the parish councillor vacancy. DP advised that Steve Harris of the Tineings had been approached but was not interested. DP had been approached by Keith Bayliss who had indicated that he would be keen to be a parish councillor. Other potential councillors were discussed, although none had made any direct enquiries. It was therefore agreed unanimously that DP would formally invite Keith Bayliss to be co-opted onto the Parish Council.


  1. Meeting with Steve Churchill (Balfour Beatty)

Following the meeting with Balfour Beatty it was noted that some of Weston Beggard lane was being patched.

  1. Parish Clerk Vacancy

DP advised that the 3 people he had approached were unavailable. It was agreed that we would advertise the post on the parish notice board, the parish magazine and through HALC. RW agreed to arrange the advertisements.

The issue of remuneration for the parish clerk was discussed. TW felt that the current sum of £90 per quarter was inadequate and we should be considering a sum of £250 per quarter. There was also a discussion about the Terms & Conditions of Service. RW agreed to discuss with HALC and advise the parish council accordingly. If we were to raise the payment for the clerk then this would need to be reflected in an increased precept.


  1. Finance

TW presented accounts with an income and expenditure statement and proposed budget.  The receipt of £2305 from Locality for the NDP was confirmed.

TW asked for an estimate of the total cost of planning consultancy to take us to regulation14 stage and RW agreed to provide this.

There was also a discussion relating to our contributions to the PCC. TW felt that we should not contribute but DP advised that the parish council, not the PCC,was responsible for the upkeep of the churchyard.


  1. Correspondence received

A letter had been received from our new ward councillor, Jonathan Lester apologising for his absence at this meeting. He advised that the profile of the council has changed and that following the election there are now 53 seats in total and the results are: Conservatives 29 seats, IOC 12 seats, Independents 8 seats, Lib Dems 2 seats, Greens 2 seats. This gives the conservatives an overall majority.

He also promised to keep us informed about large development proposals which affect our parish and how Herefordshire Council will deal with them.

  1. Any Other Business

In the absence of a parish clerk and therefore a published agenda, it was not possible to proceed with the planned  Annual Meeting of the Parish Council until a n agenda was published.

RW agreed to act as secretary and arrange this meeting and also provide some general administration until a clerk has been appointed.

  1. Next meeting

AGM 26th May 2015 at 7.30pm Yarkhill Village Hall